Hypancistrus Zebra And Other Inhabitants Of Rio Xingu Are In Danger

It’s well known that Rio Xingu is home to many unique fish, including Hypancistrus Zebra L046, Hypancistrus L174, Ancistrinae L82, Scobiancistrus Aureatus L14, Ancistrus Ranunculus L034, Bariancistrus Xanthellus, Hypancistrus sp. L174, Hypancistrus sp. L236 and a very large number of other popular fish in the aquarium environment.


However, starting in 2015, the construction of the Belo Monte dam began. The first part of the dam’s units was put into operation on 05.05.2016. Completion of the dam for maximum capacity is planned to be finished by 2019.

Despite the fact that only a part of the dam has been launched, changes in the riverbed are already clearly visible in the images from space.


As you can see, after the launch of the Pimental dam, the part of the riverbed is virtually dry.

The map below shows the habitat of Hypancistrus Zebra L46 in Jericoa, Ilha de Fazenda, Gorgulho de Rite, Altamira. In fact, there are many more dwellers of the Xingu River under threat of extinction.


The river near Jericoa, Ilha de Fazenda has changed very much for today, only 20% of the water volume flows through these places.

And this despite the fact that the dam does not work at full capacity.

A close-up of the dam and the diversion canal is shown below.


As we see, as a result of the launching of the dam, part of the channel almost completely dries up, which threatens the survival of the fish living there.

The other part of the riverbed is flooded, which causes the river to silt and, as a consequence, a decrease in the level of oxygen dissolved in the water, as well as changes in the forage base, and so on.

In the task of Plecoceramics, besides the production of aquarium decor and pleco caves, the reproduction of L-catfish inhabiting the Xingu River is included. Thus, we contribute to the conservation of rare species of L-catfish that are endangered in the natural environment.

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