Hypancistrus Zebra international trading possibilities

So, it seems we've got good news about Hypancistrus Zebra international trading possibilities. According to the daily report from the 18th of November of the XIX Meeting of the CITES Conference (CITES cop19), the Committee rejected the original proposal about moving Hypancistrus Zebra from CITES Appendix III to Appendix I.

It means that Legal international trade of Hypancistrus Zebra will continue. And such breeders who can arrange CITES papers for their L046 will continue trading this beautiful fish. As for collecting L046 from the wild, it's still a 100% ban.
I personally think it's a wise decision, which will actually help this species survive in the wild. Allowing legal trade for those who can prove that their L046s were born in captivity, discourages smuggling it illegally, thus preserving the species in the wild. Indeed, it makes is much easier for any aquarist to buy this fish from a legal breeder, without creating a temptation to turn to the black market.


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