No plastic

In our activities, we pay great attention to environmental friendliness and safety of production. First of all, because we ourselves are breeders of L-catfish. All of our products are first tested in our aquariums, and only then they are launched on the market.


It would be much easier to start making aquarium decor with plastics, because this material is very well processed, and it is more possible to make shapes that are as close to natural ones (tree bark, rock, etc.), rather then ceramics.

But we went on a more difficult path and all our products we manufacture by firing clay. So the material of our decor is completely natural.


The reasons why we did not dwell on the manufacture of plastic products are  following:


- Harm to the Earth

Chlorinated plastic can release harmful chemicals into the soil, which can then seep into groundwater or other nearby water sources. This can cause serious harm to those who drink this water.

The areas of landfills are constantly littered with a variety of different types of plastics. These dumps contain many microorganisms that accelerate the biodegradation of plastics. As for biodegradable plastics, as they decompose, methane that is a very strong greenhouse gas realeses, which contributes significantly to global warming.


- Harm to the Ocean

It is one of the components of marine debris. Plastics in the oceans usually are decomposing during the year, but not completely, and in the process toxic chemicals such as bisphenol A and polystyrene can get into the water from some plastics.

According to Wikipedia data in 2012, there were approximately 165 million tons of plastic debris in the World Ocean. According to estimates in 2014 on the surface of the ocean is 268 940 tons of plastic, and the total number of separate pieces of plastic debris is 5.25 trillion.


- Impact on animals

Plastic pollution can poison animals

Plastic contamination has been described as having very deleterious effects on large marine mammals. Some marine species, such as sea turtles, were found with a significant proportion of plastics in the stomach. When this happens, the animal usually starves, because the plastics block the gastrointestinal tract of the animal. Marine mammals can sometimes become entangled in plastic products, such as grids, that can harm or kill them. According to Wikipedia data, more than 400,000 marine mammals die each year as a result of plastic pollution in the oceans.

This list can be continued, aquarium decor is not a basic commodity, so we think it would be very foolish to make it out of plastics. Since the benefit of such a product is incommensurable with the harm it brings!

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