Plecoceramics Plecos Price List

Actual Price List.
List of countries where we can ship it:

- Bulgaria
- Germany
- Italy
- Spain
- Turkey
- Portugal
- France
- Luxemburg
- Belgium
- Austria
- Macedonia
- Greece
- Poland
Contact to Plecoceramics Sales Manager Julia
whatsapp +1 610 477 4171


plecos price list plecoceramics


  • Brian

    Lige et spørgsmål først, kan i sende fisk til Odense altså i Danmark

  • Edmend

    Can you ship to Hong Kong..and L333 Grade AA how much for each and size? L173 and L236sy how much for each and size?

  • Tim de loose

    Got a question i love l numbers and looking for some new blood lines, you know what price for shipping is to belgium?

  • Rosilda

    Hai, have you got L173? Price?

  • Simon irons

    No shipping to uk ?

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