Partnership with PLECOS PLUS

We are thrilled to announce that Plecoceramics has partnered with Plecos Plus California, marking a significant milestone in our journey. Plecos Plus California is renowned for its dedication to providing exceptional quality pleco species to enthusiasts worldwide, and we at Plecoceramics are honored to join forces with such a prestigious organization.

At Plecoceramics, we take pride in our expertise in breeding a variety of pleco species, including our coveted L333 gold line (gold, A, and AA grades), developed over years of meticulous care and dedication. With our expansion into a new fish breeding facility in Uzhhorod, Ukraine, we are excited to extend our reach to the USA market through this partnership with Plecos Plus California.

This collaboration not only enhances the availability of our exceptional fish in the USA but also fosters economic growth by creating employment opportunities for families in Ukraine. Together, we embark on an exciting journey, filled with promise and potential, as we bring the beauty of Plecoceramics fish to enthusiasts in California and beyond.

Join us as we embark on this journey together, shaping a bright future for both Plecoceramics and Plecos Plus California.

Pleco Plus
Phone: (949) 414-6020

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