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Aquarium pump
Aquarium pump
Aquarium pump
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Aquarium pump

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The Atman AT-201 is a powerful and versatile pump for circulating water in your aquarium. It is characterized by high performance and silent operation. We use this pump on our farm. The head is equipped with an energy-efficient electric motor that guarantees quiet operation and trouble-free operation for many years.

Suitable for both fresh and saltwater aquariums with a total volume of up to 150 liters.

The Atman AT-201 pump comes with a complete set of accessories, including: 3 black suction cups with a diameter of 30 mm for reliable fixation on the aquarium wall at a convenient height for you, an air injector that performs the function of additional aeration, a nozzle for a filter sponge, a nozzle for adjusting the water flow, and a single-channel replaceable nozzle.

The pump is equipped with a metal shaft that has a long service life. The rotor shaft is fixed in the housing with two rubber shock absorbers, which reduces the vibration of the rotor rotation and ensures silent and long-term operation.

The pump has a high performance of 650 l/h, along with a low power consumption of 15 W. The maximum lift height of the water is 0.9 m. The device is waterproof and has an IPX8 protection level, which indicates reliability and stable operation when fully submerged in water.

Convenient mounting using suction cups. Suitable for saltwater and freshwater aquariums with a volume of up to 150 liters. Silent and high-performance head.

Package includes: set of nozzles, air injector, 4/6 mm hose, suction cups.

Manufacturer: Atman.
Working voltage: 220-240 V.
Power consumption: 15 W.
Pump performance: 650 l/h.
Lift height: 0.9 m. For aquariums up to: 150 l.
Adjustability: no.
Cable length: 136 cm.
Dimensions (LxWxH): 11 x 6 x 7 cm.