Pleco cave Bubble M

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  • IDEAL FOR BRISTLENOSE AND OTHER PLECOS - Our pleco caves for aquariums are based on more than 10 years of experience in breeding plecos.
  • NATURAL DESIGN - The aquarium decorations resemble natural materials. They look very realistic in fish tanks, and they can be used for fish tanks with cichlids and betta fish.
  • FISH SAFETY - The pleco breeding cave is made of clay fired at high temperature, making it inert and safe.
  • EASY TO USE - Just rinse the aquarium cave for a few seconds in tap water, and it’s ready for use.
  • DIMENSIONS of the pleco cave - length 4.6 inches x width 1.6 inches x height 1.5 inches. Length 11.7 cm Width 4.7 cm Height 4.3 cm.

A high quality pleco cave is made of brown clay firing at high temperature. This makes pleco cave absolutely safe for people, aquarium fish and pets. The tube can be used for reproduction many kinds of plecos such as Ancistrus (Bristlenose pleco), Hypancistrus, Peckoltia. Dimensions are selected based on our 10-year experience in breeding Plecos. Just flush the tube in running water before use.

We pay great attention to design. Our products have the texture of natural materials such as tree bark. This allows our pleco cave to fit organically into any aquarium and be its decoration.

Also pleco cave can be used as shelters for various Cichlids and Shrimps.