Сeramic Pleco caves

We are not only ceramic manufacture. We've been breeding plecos for nine years and we are pretty successful in it. Thats why we realise what pleco cave for aquarium is the best choice for your fish for hiding, spawning an so on.

We specialise in breeding Hypancistrus Zebra L046 (zebra pleco), Peckoltia Compta L134, Hypancistrus L333 gold line, Ancistrus Snow White, Ancistrus Wabenmunster, Scobiancistrus L082, Hypancistrus L236 SW, and many other fancy plecos.

We test all of our aquarium pleco caves, aquarium caves, cichlid stones and other natural looking ceramic decoration in our Plecoceramics pleco farm before launching them at the global markets like Amazon US, Amazon Europe, and other countries. So, you can buy the best pleco caves from us.